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What is self love? 

  • Self love is the act of appreciation for oneself focussing on promoting feelings of support, forgiveness and compassion.

  • By using self love, we can overcome periods of negativity.

  • Self love also involves listening to our bodies.

Effective Coaching & Counselling Services

Supporting Your Growth and Future Success

Coaching Session

  • Aim to tackle issues around low self-esteem, lack of belief and anxiety.

  • Make goals with clients using self love exercises.  

  • This is followed by a step by step plan on how we would achieve this.

Counselling Session

  • Aid my clients in uncovering their own issues.

  • Provide a space, without judgement, for my clients.

  • Cater a unique style of counselling for every client.

Image by Matt Duncan
Services: Services

Techniques & exercises used

At the self love clinic, we use a wide variety of techniques & exercises to help give the support you need!

Meditation in Forest

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 

Existential Therapy

Spiritual Counselling

Affirmation Building 

Guided Meditations

Compassion & Forgiveness

Cognitive Processing Therapy

PTSD Therapy

Tailored Self-Love Exercises 

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