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About me


Priyesh Khanderia

I was raised in a culture where there is a focus to achieve material success and there is a black mark against those who didn’t succeed…

Being born in an environment like this confused my decision making and I began on a path of chasing material wealth.

It was only when I had got the corporate job of my “dreams” that I understood I had been following a path that I didn’t want to.

This led me to question my mind, leading me to mental deterioration.

It was in this state I began to understand that many people -like myself - had spent our lives living through fear.

 I realised love is the most important thing in the world and that love has the power to heal us from within.

This gave me the desire to create the Self Love Clinic, a holistic form of counselling and coaching which combines ancient wisdom with modern therapy.

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Image by Shane Rounce

My Qualifications 

  • Counselling & CBT Diploma Level 4 

  • BSc in Mathematics, Operations Research, Statistics & Economics (MORSE) @ University of Warwick

  • Daily Self Love & Spiritual Practitioner 

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