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What Clients Are Saying?

"Priyesh is an amazing counsellor. I was stuck in a cycle of depressive episodes and he helped me overcome that. My mental, physical and emotional health has improved. I cannot thank him enough."

"The support that I’ve had from Priyesh I am forever grateful for. He understands and empathizes with emotions in a totally non-judgemental and compassionate way. He asks questions respectfully and encourages you to dig deeper into the possible roots of an issue. He enables one to find strength within themselves to make empowering decisions and helps break toxic behaviours. Blessed to have found a mentor in him."

"Priyesh’s broad range of techniques and enthusiastic curiosity has helped me thoroughly evaluate my life and bring forth an inner compass to orientate myself in opportunities that arise. His compassion and empathy create a comfortable space where healing in all domains of life can be accelerated. Thank you for supporting this journey, I look forward to continuing working with you."

"I saw Priyesh when our family was going through a time of worry and we didn't know how to support each other. Working with Priyesh helped me to remember that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. during our sessions, it was great to let out my worries in a safe space. he helped me reach a mindful place of peace and stillness which really helped ground my thoughts and rationalise them. It really helped me work through the worrisome times and help me still be able to support the loved ones around me."

"Sessions with Priyesh gave me a confidence boost and helped me overcome my fears. I was shown a mirror which gave me a lesson in anger management and how to improve my behaviour.  I managed to connect with my higher self and felt inner peace."

"Priyesh has been a great person to talk to about lots of different things. By not only understanding my perspective but providing alternative perspectives by which I could reframe my thoughts gave me a great insight into myself and how I perceive those around me. Super appreciate all the help!"

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